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Arivrisea Condense Natural Plant Essene

  • Model Arivrisea Condense Natural Plant Cream

Arivrisea is suitable for all kind of skin condition. It is a plant based revitalizing cream

Sponge microneedle rejuvenation is a safe and gentle way to rejuvenate the skin. By massaging the skin, microneedle particles of uniform size can be seen under the microscope, penetrate the upper layer of the epidermis, activate the skin, restore the normal healing response, and help Stimulate the growth of new cells and stimulate the synthesis of elastin and collagen to achieve a gentle peeling effect.

The skin repair effect of microneedles can be achieved without breaking the surface, repairing acne skin and stimulating cell growth. Improve acne-prone skin and prevent the growth of new acne. Continuous use can promote the rejuvenation of the overall face, improve skin texture, texture and complexion, eliminate pigmentation, shrink pores, and make skin smooth, white, tender and delicate skin.

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