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Return & Refund Policy

Once you have raised a return request for your iPharmerci order, you will be required to ship the order to iPharmerci Warehouse.

However, we understand that it might be difficult to return the order if the received parcel is badly damaged, for example, wrong size, soaking wet, or badly cracked items.

In this case, here’s what you should do, before going to Return and Refund Form:
  1. Take pictures/videos of the parcel received
    • Make sure that the internal and external packaging is photographed. 
    • This would help in claiming compensation from the courier company. 
    • Examples of the supporting pictures:
    • Fill in all the required fields in the form 
    • Under "Faulty or Other field", provide a summary of your return request (e.g. faulty zip).
    • Upload the additional supporting pictures if you have not done so when raising your return request.
  1. Keep the damaged parcel 
    • Retain the parcel until you have been informed of the next step and your request is closed.
    • Our agents will assist you with your return request.