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Slimming & Nutrition

Slimming & Nutrition

Smart Hula Hoop with Weight Smart Hula Hoop with Weight

S$45.90 S$44.90

8Features:100% High qualityEasy to disassemble and assemble, The length of the belt is adjustable to increase or decrease the circumference according to individual needs.Made with high-quality ABS plastic. each section are interlock and securely co..

S$45.90 S$44.90

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Ultrasonic Slimming Machine Ultrasonic Slimming Machine

S$36.90 S$29.90

Use EMS with Massage Pads There are 5 modes EMS functions, choose any one according your desire. Suggest sticking pads on according to the instruction (use manual ), there are 6 functions: belly tightening, hip tightening, curvy waist flat b..

S$36.90 S$29.90

Shape Tea (Slimming Tea) Shape Tea (Slimming Tea)

(Bundle of 3) SHAPE-TEA Slimming Tea - Detox & Shape in Style (3x 25 Sachets)Information and Benefits • 100% herbal blend• USA formulated• Caffeine-free• Detox & supports weight management • No added additive, preservative or colo..