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Body Care

Body Care offers various body care products for your beauty and personal care! Shower filters, lotions, body wash gels, etc. Shop now!

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Warm And Comfort Waist Belt (For Menstrual Cramps) Warm And Comfort Waist Belt (For Menstrual Cramps)

Specifications: Item Type: Warm and Comfort Belt Color: Pink Material: Lycra Voltage: 5V Power: 6.5W Temperature: 45-65℃ Battery Capacity: 5000mA Weight: 90g Size: 100*11.5cm/39.37*4.53in Product Include Style 1 1*Warm effect ..


ASIS-TOBE - Oat-Bean Nourishing Cream ASIS-TOBE - Oat-Bean Nourishing Cream

Nourishing Cream extracted from oats and beans kernels that provide excellent moisturizing power and rich minerals to give deep nutrition to the skin. Contains Centella Asiatica extract, soothes skin strengthens the skin barrier, helps skin regener..


ASIS-TOBE - Pure Mineral Sun cream ASIS-TOBE - Pure Mineral Sun cream

Glowpick Consumer Beauty Award Winner. Use on your face or body. This non-sticky, the lightweight formula will protect you from even the harshest UV rays. Suitable for all ages and all skin typesApply on face and neck 10 mins before sun exposureSui..


Cara Bird's Nest Cara Bird's Nest

From modern scientific research studies, it has been confirmed that there are important substances in bird nests.Help build immunity to the body.Moisturized the skin more them radiant. Better energy circulation will make you feel more energized.Hel..


Cara Perfume Body Serum Cara Perfume Body Serum

Comes in a pack of 2: 1x Daylight and 1x Midnight Body Serum Body serum products With a long-lasting fragrance for 8-10 hours with the value of nourishing substances with up to 8 types, including Glutathione, Alpha-Abutin, L-Arginine..


essano Manuka & Elderflower Extra Sensitive Body Wash 445ml essano Manuka & Elderflower Extra Sensitive Body Wash 445ml

Care for your sensitive skin with this soap-free, sulphate-free, gentle cleansing formula.Active New Zealand Manuka Honey is blended with exotic Australian rainforest botanicals to deliver a soothing, gentle formulation. Perfect for even the most s..


Herber 100% Lavender Oil 30ml 薰衣草油 Herber 100% Lavender Oil 30ml 薰衣草油

Strongly recommended for Relaxing and calming properties. Promotes deeper sleep. Soothes and revitalizes the skin. Reduces nervous tension and anxiety. Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. Relieve muscles aches and pain.&..