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Eyelash Extension Serum 5ml

  • Model ELES 5ml

Buy 2 get 1 Free, Buy 3 get 2 Free

1. Using molecular technology, a special production factor active ingredient for eyelash activation

2. Extremely rich nourishing ingredients, containing jojoba seed oil and other "nursing masters"

3. Promise not to add, no flavors and pigments, no alcohol, no fluorescent agents, no lead mercury, no hormones

4. Pure natural formula, extract multi-effect ingredients such as wild soybean seeds, gentle and non-irritating

5. The brush is soft and velvet, effectively avoiding eye damage during use

Southern candle leaf chasing eyelash growth liquid

①, nourish hair roots

Using capilectine eyelash growth active factor, small molecules in the essence quickly penetrate into eyelash growth cells.

②, natural curl

Abundant nourishing ingredients and adequate nutrition can extend the life of eyelashes, and can curl up naturally without scalding.

③, tough repair

The pure essence protection ingredient supplements eyelash nutrition and makes eyelashes shiny and shiny.

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