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Health Care Devices

Health Care Devices

We understand that sports injuries are some time inevitable, and due to the injuries, you will need to skip the sports and games you enjoyed playing. Some times these injuries have long term effects and to subdue the aches and pain, you will need regular physiotherapy in order to recuperate completely.

iPharmerci offers various physiotherapy devices that you can used at the comfort of your home. We offer

1) Joint Care

2) Back Care

3) Neck Care

4) Therapeutic products that can improve overall health and curb chronic diseases. 

Shop and check out on the offerings we have now! 

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Pulse Oximeter - Heartrate And Blood Oxygen Monitor Device (Finger Clip) Pulse Oximeter - Heartrate And Blood Oxygen Monitor Device (Finger Clip)

  Features:   1. The product is simple and convenient to use.   2. Low power consumption, two AAA batteries can be used for 10 hours.   3. When there is no signal, the product will automatically shut dow..


BP Monitoring Device - U82RH BP Monitoring Device - U82RH

BP Monitoring Device - U82RH..


BP Monitoring Device U80R BP Monitoring Device U80R

Product information are displayed on the images. Please refer to product images..


Failsafe Air Safety System (FDA Approved) Failsafe Air Safety System (FDA Approved)

Get clean, contaminant-free air.FailSafe Air Safety Systems make a series of air purification and decontamination machines that can reduce the spread of airborne pathogens.Our devices capture, contain, and neutralize airborne contaminants and preve..


Infrared Thermometer UFR102 Infrared Thermometer UFR102

Thermometer Specifications:..


Lumbar Therapy device Lumbar Therapy device

Lumbar or lower back is one of the body parts that can easily get injured or tired during work or sports activities. This model provides lower back physio therapy at the comfort of your home, and it comes with a built-in interface port that allows ..


MAWI Cardiac Service MAWI Cardiac Service