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Deep Muscle Tissue Massage Gun (with LCD display)

  • Brand: ipharmerci
  • Model LCD Display Massage Gun Deep Muscle Massager Muscle Pain Body Ne
S$76.90 S$65.40
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Product Features:
New LCD Touch screen, display speed and intensity, time and switch control is available.
New Version with  Noise Reduction
Brushless DC motor and double bearing transmission offers a high power and low noise experience.
30-speed variations design that meets a variety of massage needs.
4-6Hrs Battery Life + 3 hrs battery charge time
Li-ion Battery, 5 hrs. of continuous use in the mid-speed.

Power Charger
Rated input:100~240V 50/60Hz 1A
Battery - Rated
Type: Li-ion --Capacity: 2400mAh
Stand by Runing Hours: 4-6 Hours
Working Hour: 3-5 Hours Massager
No-load Speed: 3200r/min
3 Levels Adjustment: Level 1 - 1900/min,Level 2 - 2500/min, Level 3 - 3300r/min
Product Size - 18.8cm*24.2cm*6.2cm
With Handle Box Weight: 1600g

Package Details:
1 * Massage Gun
1 * Big Round Massage Ball(For large muscle recovery)
1 * Spiral Head(For joints of body)
1 * Fork Leg Tip(For spine massage)
1 * Flat Warm Up Tip(Full body)

1*Spad Shaped Head(use for boday bones muscle relation)

1*Thumd Head(use for massage soft tissue)

1 * 2400mAh Li-ion Battery
1 * Power Charger
1 * English User Manual
1* Gift Handle Bag

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