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Telemedicine MAWI Vital Signs Medical Kit

  • Brand: MAWI
  • Model VSD-01

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The new Artificial Intelligence (AI) portable multi-sensor Vital Signs device is use for monitoring vital signs from any where and any time. Synchronizing health records to the mobile app (Android) and the cloud, Doctors can now advise patients over tele-medicine on a more accurate and prescriptive diagnosis.

Besides being used with collaboration for clinical diagnosis, Employers or Corporations can issue the VitaSigns devices to employees or workers for their personal health monitoring before they proceed to work. Immediate tell tale vital signs of employees health conditions will trigger alarm to respective person-in-charge who will contact employee to take precautionary measure, and employees can be treated sooner to avoid any mishap.


This is a Clinical Grade Product:

With Mawi Vital, you can easily and conveniently track your vital signs such as;

Science Studies

Longitudinal study on child development in MalawiLarge scale joint research with numerous partnersBiosignal Analysis2019+For this project, Mawi has developed a special version of ECG device and software infrastructure for the collection of biosignal data from different sources. You will be able to find more information about this project in an upcoming press release.
Arrhythmia Detection algorithm improvement and clinical trials ResearchAI for Arrhythmia Detection2018-2020Population: clinical Trial on 500+ people. Status: in progress. Feel free to contact if you want to join this research.
Restoration of Multi-lead ECG by a smaller amount of leads ResearchAI for ECG analysis2018-2020Population: more than 5000 long-term ECGs. Status: in progress. Feel free to contact if you want to join this research.

More details -Р2.pdf
AI for determining heart age using ECG signalJoint Research with Insilico Medicine and Young.AIAI for ECG analysis2018-2019Population: more than 20000 long-term ECGs. Status: in progress.

More details -
Mawi and Softserve R&D Joint Research ProjectsJoint Research with SoftserveAI for ECG analysis2018-2020Status: in progress.
Automatic heart attack detection ResearchAI for Heart Disease Prevention2019-2020Status: planned. Feel free to contact if you want to join this research.

More details -Р1_Automatic%20HA%20detection.pdf
AI for fertility analysis using ECG signalResearchAI for ECG analysis2018-2020Status: in progress.

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