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  Alice Chan

Used K Care Hospital Bed

  • Model K Care Bed 3 functions

A) Used 3 functions electric hospital bed included air pump, used only for 11 months, selling @S$1088.


1) Back recline function

2) Leg elevating function

3) High-low adjustable

✓ High-quality carbon-steel used for frame and bedstead, all surface with anti-rust treatment, antibacterial powder coating

✓ One-off forming of carbon-steel bedplate, great strength, large air-bleed hole design, well-ventilated

✓ ABS head and foot boards formed by blow moulding, nice and elegant

✓ New style bed panel with the soft link, easy and reliable operation

✓ Full-enclosed motor with strong thrust, low noise, waterproof and dustproof

✓ 24V 1AH backup battery pack for emergency operation of bed up to 15 lifting cycles during power failure

(B) Mattress included

(Description Overview)

- Comfortable 2"/ 3" soft foam mattress

- Easy to clean cover

- 3" mattress has egg crate surface

- Mattress suitable to used for hospital bed

- Single bed size

(C) Offers coccyx and hipbone pressure relief (included) 

A bed positioning wedge contoured to an optimum 30

• Provides optimal 30-degree angle of incline for relieving pressure on hipbone and coccyx

• Wedge is comfortable and made from smooth or convoluted foam

• Low-Shear II wipe-clean outer cover reduces skin damaging friction

• Can be disinfected for infection control

• Non-slip bottom keeps wedge securely in place

 •554026 30° Positioning Wedge w/LSll Cover 34"L x 12"D x 7"H

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