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ipharmerci Water Filter Faucet BEC-8031

  • Brand: ipharmerci
  • Model ipharmerci Water Filter Faucet BEC-8031
    1. Why choose us?

      1. 4 stages filtration:natural ceramic membrane,activated carbon, PP cotton and stainless steel screen.
      2. Three filter cartridges can be selected.
      3. Effectively remove 40% of the chlorine, and can also intercept large particles of impurities , algae, sand and rust.
      4. 0 electricity, 0 water wastage, environmental friendly.
      5. Visible cartridge status indicator.
      6. 200L's water filter life, you don't need to change the filter cartridge frequently.
      7. ABS food grade components for the filtration system to ensure the safety and quality.
  • Product description: This is hot selling faucet water purifier has a transparent window,you can watch the filter cartridge at any time,clean or replace the filter cartridge in time.

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