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Cara Colla Mine Collagen Tablets 20 capsules

50 grams (1 box of 20 capsules)

Collagen skincare products are an important part of maintaining bright and clear skin. Look naturally younger. Increase shine, slow down the occurrence of wrinkles, restore internal nourishment. Revealing new skin, making the skin bright to the next level.

  • Helps skin look radiant and healthy
  • Helps restore dry, dull, dull skin
  • Help the skin system inside
  • Help reduce wrinkles, dark spots, even skin tone
  • The body can absorb all of them. 

How to useTake 1-2 tablets per day on an empty stomach, followed by 1-2 glasses of water.

Collagen supplement comes in soft gel form. That helps to nourish the skin, nourish the body, and is an edible form of sunscreen vitamin. Just one pill can nourish both the body from internal to external, it contains 13 types of cold-pressed oil extracts that help nourish the bones, adjust hormones and helps in getting good rested sleep through the night.

There are 2 sizes, containing 20 soft gels and 10 soft gels

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