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Warm And Comfort Waist Belt (For Menstrual Cramps)

  • Brand: ipharmerci
  • Model Washable Warm And Comfort Belt


Item Type: Warm and Comfort Belt
Color: Pink
Material: Lycra
Voltage: 5V
Power: 6.5W
Temperature: 45-65℃
Battery Capacity: 5000mA
Weight: 90g
Size: 100*11.5cm/39.37*4.53in

Product Include

Style 1
1*Warm effect only
1*Battery Bag

Style 2
1*Warm & massage effects
1*Battery Bag

Style 3
1*Warm & massage effects 
1*Battery Bag
1*USB Cable
1*Extension Cord
2*Wormwood Bag



1. Use safe materials, heat spread out evenly, safe product, worry free about insufficient heating or overheating causing burns.
2. 3 switch position to control constant temperature 45-65
, adjustable .
3. 10 seconds heating speed, rapid heat generation, no need to wait.
4. USB charging with USB power adapter or connect to computer USB ports and portable power bank.
5. Lightweight and portable, user friendly and easy to carry around. Washable and easy to clean.
6. Allow washing, no risk of electric shot circuit, or using wet towel to wipe the used section.
7. Adjustable length to the waist circumference
8. Multifunctional ultra-thin belt: warm comfort, keeping stomach area warm, waist, uterus and abdomen protection, relieve stomach pain and menorrhagia. 
9. Infrared vibration massage plus warm compression, double comfort with massage function
10.Built-in with 5000mah battery, can last 3-4 hours.(Beautiful packaging with battery)


1. Connect to the right power voltage output with USB interface.
2. Do not use it during bedtime to avoid over using in the night.
3. Avoid prolonged use on the same place and take care to confirm the skin condition. If there is any abnormality, remove it immediately.
4. Do not use in unsafe environments.
5. When washing, ensure that the mobile power bank is removed. After washing, wait for the bottom of the product to be dry before using it again
6. Recommend hand wash gently, wash with clean water, do not twist dry, just gently pad dry with a towel or hang it up to dry.

Do Not Use, if you have the following conditions;

1. Moderate and severe cardiovascular diseases and severe heart disease.
2. Skin sensitiveness, skin problems 
3. Gout attack disease or have not fully recovered from gout are forbidden to use.
4. Cervical tumors are forbidden to use.
5. During pregnancy.


1. It is recommended not to use high temperature settings (60-65℃) for more than 8 minutes

2. The workaround for sensitive skin is to use the belt over the clothes or belt over towel.


Style 1

Style 2

Style 3

Brand Name:foreverlily Origin:CN(Origin)
Application:Waist Model Number:LMH191008-03
Type-1:Washable Warm Palace Belt
Type-2:Portable Warm Palace Belt Feature-1:Electric Heating Female Uterus Belt Massager
Feature-2:Heating warm for menstrual stomachache belt massager Feature-3:Heating warm for back pain dysmenorrhea massager belt
Feature-4:Heating warm for abdominal colds,cold hands & feet belt massager
Feature-5:Heating warm belly waist kidney belt massager Feature-6:Hot Compress Artifact body health message belt

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